Our Approach

    1. Policies and Commitments:
      We have developed a Modern Slavery Policy that sets out our commitment to combating modern slavery and human trafficking. This policy applies to all employees, suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders associated with our organization. It outlines our expectations, responsibilities, and guidelines for compliance.

    2. Risk Assessment:
      We regularly assess the risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. We identify and evaluate potential areas of vulnerability and take appropriate actions to mitigate these risks.

    3. Supplier Engagement:
      We maintain open and transparent communication with our suppliers, emphasizing our expectations regarding modern slavery and human rights. Our supplier selection and due diligence processes include assessments of their compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to slavery and human trafficking.

    4. Employee Training and Awareness:
      We provide comprehensive training to our employees, focusing on raising awareness about modern slavery, its indicators, and the steps they can take to identify and report any concerns. This training ensures that our workforce is equipped to detect and address modern slavery risks effectively.

    5. Reporting and Whistleblowing:
      We maintain a confidential and accessible reporting mechanism to encourage the reporting of any suspicions or incidents related to modern slavery. We thoroughly investigate all reports, take appropriate actions, and protect the confidentiality of the individuals involved.

    6. Continuous Improvement:
      We are committed to continuously improving our anti-slavery practices and ensuring their effectiveness. We review and update our policies, procedures, and due diligence processes to adapt to evolving legal requirements and best practices in combating modern slavery.

    7. Review and Approval:
      This Modern Slavery Statement is approved by Ásgeir Vilhjálmsson, Chairman of the Board, on behalf of Meliteh Recruitment. It is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect our ongoing commitment to combatting modern slavery.

      MHC Aviation remains steadfast in its commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our organization and supply chains. We will continue to work collaboratively with our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to drive positive change and eradicate these harmful practices.